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Dual Piano is your daily companion for playing at home and on the road. It gives you the opportunity to start playing an instrument or to further develop your skills.

The core feature is that you can play two-handed on your iPad without one hand covering the other. The second keyboard layer expands the range so that you don't have to adjust for many pieces as you play.

To help you get started, I've added some sample sheet music. On newer iPads, you can have the piece played to you. If you're still learning to read music, there's an option to show the corresponding note on the keys.

Are you up for this musical adventure? I look forward to hearing about your experiences!

Shown are five diagonally overlapping iPads displaying the main screen of the Dual Piano app in different versions.  1. Standard sized keys, no extras 2. Small sheet music window and notes on the keys 3. Colorful keys (party mode) 4. Small sized keys (standard colors) and wide sheet music window 5. Large sized keys, no extras  In general the main screen looks as followed: A keyboard is arranged in a V-shape and compound of two superimposed keyboards on each side. Above are multiple buttons to change the keyboard modes (locked, glissando, scroll), to change the octaves and to get to settings, among others.

About me

I was given the enthusiasm for music that follows the possibilities of technical development.

The app is my approach towards challenging conventions in this field and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 

I enjoy questioning and rethinking an idea – many ideas – over and over again in countless iterations. Even if it doesn't do 🤯 just once in this process, after a break, a new round begins.

Else, you can always give me joy by recommending a great funky big band tune! For me, a good way to recharge the batteries after countless hours in front of the screen. Greeting from my eyes. 🧐

I look, discreetly smiling diagonally down left in the camera. The background is blurred in gray / white. I have short brown hair and wear a gray sweater, with a strong hood, but I do not have it over my head.

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two-handed piano playing on iPad

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