by Roman – May 14, 2021

This update brings you endless creative possibilities via MIDI Out!

E.g. connect your iPad with your computer via the local network or via USB and use your own instruments in MainStage or Ableton. 

Also in this update: New sheet music: “Happy Birthday” with autopiano.

Play “Happy Birthday” by yourself with the keyboard already adjusted to your iPad and your key width or let Dual Piano play it for you – the latter available via in-app-purchase – thanks for your support! :)


by Roman – February 02, 2021

The first update of the new year and it’s a big one! Not only that, there is a new app as well!

Dual Piano

Dual Piano Pedal

Now you can use a second iOS device as sustain pedal for Dual Piano!

The app is designed for you to put the device running the Dual Piano Pedal app on the floor and tap the screen with one toe! 🦶

Dual Piano Pedal connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and runs on iOS 9 (or later). This way it will also run on older devices.

Tip no. 1: It is more comfortable when your foot is resting on a pad the same hight as your pedal device.

Tip no. 2: Make sure to tap the screen only with one toe.

Tip no. 3: You should be able to wear thin socks.

A drawing illustrates the best way of using Dual Piano Pedal. The device running Dual Piano Pedal lies on the floor and is rotated by 180º with the ear piece pointing to the player. The foot, here the right foot, is positioned slightly shifted to the right. As a result the big toe is approximately in the middle of the screen. In addition the foot is resting on a pad with the same height as the device itself.


by Roman – December 20, 2020

The first update of Dual Piano has arrived!

It includes a sound library. In addition to the original piano sound you can now also choose

  • an Electric Piano
  • a Pipe Organ
  • a Vintage Organ
  • a Buzzz Bass.

You can use these sounds also for playback of sample sheet music (not available on all iPads).

My favorite: Use one of the organ sounds and connect your iPad to a speaker. Turn up the volume, play some chords also using the lower octaves and enjoy your personal concert hall! 😎


by Roman – December 14, 2020

The day has finally come! Dual Piano is now available on the App Store worldwide! 🎉

Dual Piano introduces a new way to play piano on your iPad. Its V-shaped keyboard layout allows you to play two-handed without one hand covering the other.

Other features:

  • Range from 5-6 octaves (iPad mini) to 5-7 octaves (iPad Pro 12.9-inch)
  • View your sheet music and turn pages conveniently
  • Playback of sample sheet music (not available on all iPads)
  • 3 keyboard modes (Fixed, Glissando, Scroll) for the best accuracy and adjustability
  • 3 key sizes and key octave notations

My tip: Take your time to familiarize yourself with the concept on the keyboard. With the sample sheet music, the keyboard is already positioned correctly and the playback function (available on newer iPads) helps you find the right key.

Dual Piano





two-handed piano playing on iPad

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